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  • Synoviocytes infection by AAV is neutralized by human synovial fluid from arthritis patients and depends on AAV serotype. Boissier M-C, Lemeiter D., Valvason C Clavel G, Laroche L. , Begue T., and Bessis N. SHum Gene Ther, 2007 , 18 : 525-35.
  • Angiogenesis markers (VEGF, soluble receptor of VEGF and angiopoietin-1) in very early arthritis and their association with inflammation and joint destruction. Clavel C, Bessis N, Fardellone P, Othmane M, Menard JF, Pouplin S, Boumier P, Vittecoq O, Le Loêt X, Boissier MC.  Clin Immunol,2007, 124: 158-64.
  • Circulating nucleosomes due to a defective clearance of dying cells: consequences in systemic lupus erythematosus. Erbacher A, Rönnefarth V, Decker P.  Autoimmunity, 2007, 40:311-14.

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