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  • TNF-a antibodies and osteoprotegerin decrease systemic bonne loss-associated with inflammation through distinct mechanisms in collagen-induced arthritis. Saidenberg-Kermanac’h N, Corrado A, Lemeiter D, de Vernejoul MC, Boissier MC, Cohen-Solal M.  Bone, 2004, 35:1200-7
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  • IgG reactivity with a 100 kDa tissue and endothelial cell antigen identified as topoisomerase 1 distinguishes between limited abd diffuse systemic sclerosis patients. Garcia de la Pena-Lefebvre P, Chanseaud Y, Tamby MC, Reinbolt J, Batteux F, Allanore Y, Kahan A, Meyer O, Benveniste O, Boyer O, Guillevin L, Boissier MC, Mouthon L.  Clin Immunol 2004, 11:241-51
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