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Majda Lyna MEBREK



Master in “Biological Therapies and Technologies” at Paris 13 University

Professional duties:

PhD Student in Immunology at Paris 13 University INSERM UMR1125 “
Stability of regulatory T cells in chronic inflammatory joint diseases : impact of targeted treatments and development of new therapeutic targets” since September 2018.

Internship at Paris 13 University INSERM UMR1125 “Role of TNFR2 expressed by Treg cells in the regulation of inflammation during Rheumatoid Arthritis.” January 2018- June 2018.

Internship at Hôpital Armand TROUSSEAU INSERM UMR S993 “Spermatic nuclear architecture and Chromosomal rearrangements”April 2017 – June 2017.

Research focuses

    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Regulatory Tcells
    Treg Stability
    Experimental arthritis

Campus of Bobigny

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