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Research in INSERM UMR 1125 Physiopathology, targets and therapies of rheumatoid arthritis

Studies conducted  in the laboratory are at the cross point of several scientific and medical areas. They concern acute and chronic inflammation, immunopathology of diseases and biotherapies of inflammation, applied to the field of joint diseases.

Our laboratory is specifically focused in rheumatoid arthritis, investigated in a translational way, with a close relationship between patients and research. However, research applications also involve most of the chronic inflammatory diseases.

Among the characteristics of our lab, the use of experimental models of chronic inflammation (and chronic or relapsing arthritis) can parrallel studies in humans regarding the mechanisms involved.
This research strategy is reflected by the skills of the people of thelaboratory’s team, where scientists and doctors work together. The rheumatology department of the Avicenne hospital (Hospital Group Avicenne - Jean Verdier - René Muret, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) is in close relationship with our UMR, both entities working in a common University Hospital project.

Campus of Bobigny

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